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These operations are also called data manipulation language (DML) operations.

To perform more complex operations, for example a SQL SELECT query that uses the JOIN operator, you can use the SQLEXECUTE operation.

UPDATE dest_tab tt SET (tt.code, tt.description) = (SELECT st.code, st.description FROM source_tab st WHERE = tt.id) WHERE EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM source_tab WHERE id = tt.id); 5000 rows updated.

SQL ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Id | Operation | Name | Rows | Bytes | Cost (%CPU)| Time | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 0 | UPDATE STATEMENT | | 4999 | 185K| 30013 (34)| | | 1 | UPDATE | dest_tab | | | | | | 2 | NESTED LOOPS SEMI | | 4999 | 185K| 19 (6)| | | 3 | TABLE ACCESS FULL | dest_tab | 10000 | 332K| 18 (0)| | |* 4 | INDEX UNIQUE SCAN | source_tab_PK | 2500 | 10000 | 0 (0)| | | 5 | TABLE ACCESS BY INDEX ROWID| source_tab | 1 | 43 | 2 (0)| | |* 6 | INDEX UNIQUE SCAN | source_tab_PK | 1 | | 1 (0)| | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Predicate Information (identified by operation id): --------------------------------------------------- 4 - access("ID"="TT"."ID") 6 - access("ST"."ID"=: B1) UPDATE (SELECT tt.id, tt.code, tt.description, AS st_code, st.description AS st_description FROM dest_tab tt, source_tab st WHERE = st.id) ilv SET = ilv.st_code, ilv.description = ilv.st_description; 5000 rows updated.

The Microsoft Biz Talk Adapter for Oracle Database surfaces a set of standard operations on each Oracle database table and view.

By using these operations, you can perform simple SQL INSERT, UPDATE, SELECT, and DELETE statements qualified by a WHERE clause on the target table (or view).

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The most common offender is the “Volkswagen” coder who prefixes or suffixes the _” in violation of ISO-11179 rules. This is as silly as prefixing every noun in a novel with “n_” so the reader will know that the word is a noun in English grammar.The Insert operation supports multiple record or bulk inserts into the target table or view: - A multiple record Insert operation inserts rows into a table or view based on a supplied record set.- A bulk Insert operation inserts rows into a table or view based on a supplied SQL SELECT query and column list.This may sound simple enough, but some developers have difficulties with the concept.Because of this, they tend to leave out is a table, so it is named just like any other table.

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